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The dentists at Northside Dental & Implant Centre have been actively involved in implant reconstruction since 1992.

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Sedation / Anaesthetic, Phobic / Anxious

The unsurpassed level of care and monitoring at Northside Dental and Northside Sedation Centre has helped many patients overcome a lifelong fear of dentistry.

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Special needs / AGED CARE

Northside Dental & Implant Centre is committed to providing compassionate and empathetic care to all patients in our purpose built facility. We have wheelchair access and a hoist on site. Our staff are highly trained and experienced in treating patients with special needs and complex medical conditions.

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If your smile concerns you talk to one of the dentists at Northside Dental & Implant Centre regarding the different options that are available to give you that Hollywood smile.

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FAMILY dentistry

At Northside Dental & Implant Centre our dentists are fully qualified to take care of the dental health care of every member of your family. No matter what their needs are.

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Other Services

At Northside Dental & Implant Centre our caring staff organize regular educational visits to local preschools, if your preschool would like to arrange an educational visit, please contact our Practice Manager.

The Australian Dental Association recommends that anyone who participates in a sport that carries a risk of contact to the face should wear a mouthguard. The ADA also recommends that your mouthguard be fitted by a dental professional. That's us! We can arrange a high-quality, well-fitting, custom made mouthguard that is only possible using an impression of your teeth taken by a dentist. These mouthguards are safer and more comfortable than a store-bought equivalent. These mouthguards are comfortable for speaking and breathing during sport, provide maximum protection and come in a huge range of colours, colour combinations and logo printing.

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