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Start the year off with Good Dental Care

January 19, 2023 Family dentistry

As another school year approaches, it is not only important to organise the school books and uniforms, it is just as important to start the year off with good dental health.
Routine helps to manage the start of the year and like everything else, establishing good dental habits now will help to set them up for a lifetime of good oral health.
It has long been recommended that twice daily brushing and flossing is the gold standard to maintain oral health. The earlier this becomes a habit for children, the more likely they are to maintain it. Even when you are “running late” in the morning, it is imperative that children see you take the time to brush and floss. Setting a good dental example for your children is no different from anything else a parent teaches their children.
Try to make oral health fun. Brushing is more fun than ever these days, with motorised toothbrushes, character toothbrushes and sparkling toothpaste. The more fun and enjoyment there is in a task, the more children are likely to want to do it.
A healthy lunchbox makes a world of difference. Many sugary, sticky and chewy foods will not only get caught in teeth, they will also increase the risk of dental decay. Healthy snacks like small vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheese and yoghurt are not only good for your child, they also help to differentiate between everyday foods and “sometimes or party foods”. Once again, the younger a child learns to make good food choices, the healthier they will be in the long run.
Return regular dental care is a recommended health process. Try to avoid waiting for the last minute to book an examination with your dentist. Plan ahead and pick a time that will work for you and your child’s activities. Dentistry today is focused on prevention and identifying small problems before they become a major problem.
Family friendly practices strive to give everyone a positive experience. In the past, poor experiences have produced generations of phobic dentists. Hopefully with todays gentle approach, the days of patients who are afraid are well are truly gone.