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Denture Care

Caring for your Dentures

There are two main options available when replacing missing teeth:- fixed appliances, such as bridges and implants, or removable appliances called dentures.

Increasingly, the use of implants and fixed bridges is the preferred choice by patients. There are however, a large number of individuals wearing dentures or choosing to have dentures made as their preferred choice.

When a tooth is lost, it will cause a collapse of facial muscles creating an “older look”. Dentures not only replace lost teeth but also help to support lips and cheeks, restoring a more youthful appearance. Dentures will help to improve speech, aid eating and chewing and help with the digestion of foods. Recent research has shown that patients with their own teeth or well-fitting dentures, have better balance and gait posture than patients with ill-fitting dentures or no teeth.

Dentures, like teeth need to be cleaned daily. Bacteria in the mouth will stick to dentures and need to be removed. Inadequate cleaning of dentures may produce chronic inflammation and pain.
The gum tissue in the mouth is soft and not really meant to support dentures. Leaving dentures out at night will give the gums a chance to recover from the trauma of denture wearing.

Over time, the mouth will change shape and the dentures will need to be relined. This is a straightforward process taking a day or so.

Occasionally, even with the best fitting denture, patients may wish to use a denture adhesive to give them more confidence. Adhesives come in the form of pastes and powders which are easily applied. Your dentist can give you recommendations on the use of denture adhesives and cleaners.

Denture Care:

  • Rinse and clean your denture over a bowl of water. This prevents breakage should they be dropped.
  • Brush your denture with a soft toothbrush and denture cream to avoid scratching.
  • Clean and rinse your mouth including the roof of the mouth and gums that will support the dentures.
  • If you are not wearing your dentures, leave them in water to avoid dehydration of the acrylic part of the denture.
  • Soaking your denture weekly with a commercial denture cleaning agent will help to remove stains.

Your mouth changes and shrinks over time which can result in your dentures becoming less stable, causing irritation and sore spots. It is important to have your dentures and your overall dental health reviewed regularly. It is not necessary to suffer any pain from ill-fitting dentures. For those patients who dislike wearing dentures, there are alternatives available. Your Dentist will be able to discuss the most appropriate options to suit your individual requirements.


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