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Are Dental Implants all the same?

June 20, 2023 Dental Implants

Are Dental Implants all the same?
Missing teeth are replaced to improve our smile, self-esteem, chewing, support of facial muscles and lip tone as well as improvement of speech and general confidence.
Increasingly, missing teeth are replaced using dental implants. Dental implants are essentially a titanium screw that is screwed into the jaw bone. The implant also has an internal screw thread that teeth or bridges can then be screwed into. So, implants are essentially a screw within a screw. This internal screw thread can be used to support a single tooth replacement or an appliance that replaces multiple lost or missing teeth.
Like anything, the cost of a product may not determine its ability to perform its intended task, however the material cost charged by supply companies may reflect the supply companies’ investment in research, longevity and long-term support of parts.
Over the last twenty or so years, we have seen a number of implant companies come and go. This may not be a problem, except if your crown, bridge or attachment that is supported by that implant, requires some maintenance.
Likewise, dental implant systems that are not recognised worldwide may not able to be used in Australia. In Australia, the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA), is responsible for evaluating, assessing and monitoring therapeutic devices.
If an implant supported appliance is placed overseas that is not recognised in Australia, the parts that would be required to perform necessary maintenance may not be available.
Every implant is different. The external dimensions of shape and size are one thing, but then there is the internal aspect of the implant. A Dental implant is often unique in the internal screw used. They may be gold, gold plated, titanium or some other type of material. The thread pattern, thread pitch and length may vary and the top of the screw may be a slot screw, hexagonal screw, square screw, octagonal screw and many more variants.

With so many combinations and sizes available, it is imperative to know the implant brand and know that the implant brand that is being used in your mouth has many years of clinical research and company longevity behind it.
Should an implant company no longer exist, clone restorative parts may not always be available or may not match the implants. If the original company no longer exists, or is not available in Australia, it may be impossible to repair or restore the implant appliance. The worst possible scenario in this situation is that the implant may need to be surgically removed and the reconstructive process started over.
There are however many implant companies that have been involved in the industry for over 30 years. These are generally the companies that charge a little more for their products, but are also the companies for which spare parts are available.
If you are considering an implant restoration of your mouth, you would be advised to discuss the brand of implants that are intended to be used in your mouth, the length of time the company has been around and weather implants are the main focus for the company.